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If you don't have electrical or mechanical experience you may want to forgo installing a garage door. It is best that you leave the installation to the experts such as Overhead Door Dickinson, Texas. Our technicians install all types of doors on a daily basis and have extensive experience.

Garage Door Opener & Springs Installed

There are many things to consider besides safety if you want to install garage door opener properly. If you are a busy person and are always tapping on your steering wheel saying "come on open, come on ... " while your door slowly pulls up, you may consider one that opens 14 inches per second instead of 7 inches per second.

While considering overhead garage door installation you might also make it a point to get a system that has timed lights that allow you to exit the vehicle, get your stuff and safely enter your home without going out of the car. With the expertise we have, you don't have to spend time going through shopping catalogs. We can help you select an ideal system.

Automatic Garage Doors Installed

Overhead Door Dickinson, Texas, assists homeowners or business customers to install garage door spring when theirs break. It is highly recommended that this installation be done by a technician that is skilled in this type of repair. This is a very risky repair job and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Don't be a statistic of injured people who undertook garage door springs replacement without skills, experience or even proper tools. If you have small children and pets, you shouldn’t attempt to do this installation while they are playing outside. Last thing you need is someone to get hurt.

Fortunately for you and your family, Overhead Door Dickinson, Texas, is available to assist you with risky and routine repairs or automatic garage door installation. Our technicians also work in teams for this type of work so that the job is done safely and skillfully. This also makes it easier to handle the more than 300 pound weight.

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